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Join me on my fun learning and exploration journey of different languages, frameworks and programming techniques.

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Learning is Fun!!!

wfTutorials is about learning. I'm always interested in various frameworks and technolgies but it is hard to just randomly learn stuff. So I decided to create a website and resource to document all the things I'm learning.

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Mobile apps with Flutter

We can build mobile apps using the Flutter framework and dart.

Wordpress plugin for beginners

We learn how we can create plugins to add extra features in Wordpress.

Electron Desktop app

A tutorial on using Electron to create desktop applications.

The Vue.js Framework

We work with this javascript framework and see how we can build web apps.

The Symfony PHP framework

Working with he Symfony PHP MVC framework.

YII 2 Framework

Building web applications with Yii2 MVC PHP framework.

A little about me

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Wynton Franklin
Software Developer

A software developer who enjoys learning and reasearch new languages and technologies.
I work with various languages like JAVA, PHP and Javascript. Mainly web development but I also have desktop and mobile
I build different applications including a LeaveTracker mobile app and a expense tracker.

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