Paper Kit Pro

Your own expense tracker

Self Hosted

Host your own expense manager with ease. Digital Ocean, linode etc.

Free Mobile App

Mange and keep track of your expenses on the go.

Beautiful Charts

View your expenses via nice charts and graphs.

Simple to Use

The web application allows you to track your expenses. You can view insights based yearly and monthly settings. You can drill down into categories. You can view your expenses via a calendar. User management is easy and setup is even easier.

Insights shows an overview of your monthly spending
The Calendar tells you when you spent that?
View the income vs expenses
Drill down to categories

Free mobile app

Add your transactions on the go with the free mobile app.

View Quick Insights

View quick insights about your spending right in the palm of your hands.

Get it on Google Play Store

Download it now from Google Play Store. On available for android currently.

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